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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Safety First

At times when I'm in the rec room, lounging on the couch (or under the couch looking for ant apples...yyuuuuuck), I hear Joe holler "Mama? Joooolie!". In the past I have reassured myself that the bathroom and tool room (a cool place kids like to be) doors are closed and I go about my business (Did you know that Yo Gabba Gabba often has a variety of celebrities perform on the show? My fav rerun is the Jack Black episode, but I digress). Well, those lounging days are over.

is what I recently came upon after Joe hollered repeatedly with increasing angst
"Jooolie! "Stairs!"

And being the good big-bro that he is, Joe headed up to get her.

He made sure that she was safe on the top she tried to close the first is what I teach these monkeys.

Joe help Julie close the gate...ahhhhh....we are all safe on the top step!

And there was time to pose for a pic...until this Mama started to panic that someone was going to tumble down the full flight of stairs.
Now I get up when Joe calls "Jooolie!". I'm not installing another child restraint down there. Hauling overflowing laundry baskets through two gated stairs cases is enough for this Mama.

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  1. Hey - I saw your post on my blog. I was just checking out yours. You have a beautiful family and your parents look great! How is your mom doing? Your little girl looks just like you!

    We had an addition to our family on the 19th with the birth of Chase Moody but he has had some complications with his lungs and is still in the NICU. We have been living in the Ronald McDonald house near him and splitting time between our sons! We are close to getting him home as he is now doing MUCH better.

    I've got pictures and updates on Twitter for my family if you want the full story:

    Hope all is well - I'll be posting more helmet cam stuff from my rides and even put it on Camden for some of his (I call it the "Cam cam"!)so check back!