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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sew What's Up?

Yesterday we went with friends to 2nd Avenue thrift store in Columbia.  It was a big outing, huge store, so Ponchak and I decided to gift the children with one pick from the toy isle in order to use as a threatening leverage for them as we shopped.  Wesley chose a sting ray laser gun, Julie chose a purple mermaid.  Joseph hemmed and hawed, maybe-this-not-that-ed, picked-this-up-put-this-back-ed until he found the holy grail of Joseph's world.

Yes sirree-bobby, a sewing machine.  He decided to make a pillow this A.M.

 Joe is THRILLED to be able to sew next to me...I'm pretty happy that it may just keep him busy and productive while I try to get some sewing done.

I made this little number last night...downsized a tank top shirt, adding a skirt from another dress, a little trim around the bottom of the shirt...a re-purposed dress for Rilynn!

Here's to happy to see Jospeh following in his Great-Grandmother's, Grandmother's and Mama's footsteps!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Heros

Paul came by today to spend some time, grant us some gifts, and get a hair cut.  One of the gifts...three pink capes.  Another gift...

flying lessons.

 At first, she was kind of hesitant.

Then she seemed to get the hang of it.

Then she truly soared.

On another super hero note, check this out.  Marvel Comics, you are truly heroes.

Don, thanks for the link.

Paul, thanks for being our super hero.