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Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Back Up A Bit

Joe started preschool soon after we moved.  He attends Tuesday and Thursday mornings and seems to enjoy it but what he thinks about it doesn't matter,  this mama LOVES IT.  Before the holidays, Joe came home with a gift for me.  He wanted to open it in the school parking lot but I was able to hold him off until we got home.  He kept repeating in a small, sweet voice "Mama, my made this presssnt for YOU.  It's for YOU.  My will open it for YOU." 

He was so excited,

so proud

and even made this face when I asked him to "show me some teeth".

Joe actually needed help with the tape, so we got to open the present together.  Alas, it was a "hand-made" Christmas tree.  I teared up.  Joe reenacted pressing his painted hand onto the burlap, telling me it was messy but okay because it washes off.

Joe had already scoped out where he wanted to hang this precious present,

and gave me a thumbs up to ensure he felt successful.
The beloved burlap tapestry has since hung on the wall, doorknob and is now hanging in the playroom "up high, we no want JULIE to get it".

Hope you have found some peaceful moments and good health this holiday season.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pictures of a New Home

We have pleasantly settled into our new home...truly a blessing to be living here.

Mom and Dad came for lunch this week...Mom and Julie were wondering what was going on under Mom's chair...

and found it funny to find Joe there. "My working on Gran-ma's chair!"

Dad entertained Julie, or was it Julie entertaining Dad?

It's cold out here in the country, ya know, but the digging must still be done!

Sunrise over the barn...

peaceful, happy...this is livin'. Come anytime you like.