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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Queen of the Manor

I know it's been too long since I blogged. Perhaps we will think of it as no news is good news? Okay. Onward.

You heard it right, People, Mom was somehow declared Queen of the Manor. I don't know if this is an elected, hired, or assigned position but who cares, this lady is righteous in her own right.

Dad first found out about this new accomplishment when he walked into Mom's oncologist appointment this afternoon. There stood Doris (the angel who cares for Mom as if she was her own mother) and Mom, proudly wearing this crown as if nothing special was going on. After Doris shared the announcement, Mom was greeted by people far and wide throughout the oncology office; hand shakes, pats on the back, smiles, giggles, fist bumps, high fives, the oncology office...a place where people are doing their best to fight off cancer and death...I tell you, this queen never ceases to amaze me. She brings joy everywhere she goes.

Well. I call Dad this afternoon. He relays the Queen news. We have a good laugh over it. We hang up and I decide this is an event worth blogging about. I call the Manor to see if someone can text me a picture of the Queen in all her glory. Brianna answers the phone (just another everyday angel who walks this Earth, who's job is to care for Mom, as if she is her own mother). I introduce myself and say that I heard Mom is the Queen of the Manor. Brianna is bubbling over with excitement to find out who I am and that I have heard the news.

Bri: "I was going to look up your cell phone number and call you to see if it was okay for me to take a picture of me with your mom!" (Some sort of HIPPA crap policy I'm sure.)

Me: "Honey, you take a picture of my mom whenever you want. Actually, I was calling to see if you would take a picture of Mom and send it to me. I write a blog about Mom's progress and I figured this is noteworthy."

Bri: (more bubbles, more excitement, talking faster than an auctioneer) "Oh yes! I'll grab someone and go down there now, is this your cell number? Can I text it to you? Can you let me know when you blog about it? We just love your mom!"

Well, Brianna came through. She captured some great pics of Mom in all her regal glory.

 Oh hello Brianna, thanks for loving my mom so much. YOU ARE AN ANGEL. You and all the angels at the Manor are why I can sleep at night. Big thanks to you ALL.

When Brianna called me to confirm she had my correct cell number, she let me know that the activities director is sending a pick of the regal couple to the local paper. That's right, Mom's going famous in the Public Opinion.

Oh, did I not tell you? There is a King of the Manor as well...

He's 91 years old. Aren't they a lovely couple?

This post is long enough. As Nancy says "My fun meter is up and I'm out of quarters". Next post I'll report about Mom's incredible good health (all things considered) and why I've been incognito.

Wow, what a cliffhanger! Stay tuned, People!