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Monday, December 21, 2009

Joyous Joy

And he brought me coffee...dreamy...nuff said!


Babies sleeping, wrapping presents, checking blogs and email, babies still sleeping...I hear his keys in the door, gotta go, my man's home early.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Conversation With Mom

The kids were occupied (who said that a little video now and then is so bad...I make sure to have a fruitful discussion afterwards, usually purporting upon plot, theme, setting and character development, but that conversation is for another post.) so I decided to give Mom a call. I have come to realize that it is okay to call Mom and tell her I'm having a low week. She used to send me crazy earrings when she knew I was feeling low, with a note attached saying "Wear these to make yourself (and others) smile!" Although Mom doesn't send me earring anymore (thank goodness), she still can lift my spirits with a laugh.

So, I call Mom. She said "Ellow?" after Dad gave her the phone. I explained that I have been feeling low and have not felt like calling. She replied "Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh. Baby ohhhh ohhh. One one one one baby boy. I know." She always seems to make me laugh with the little "I know" (said quickly) she adds to the end of her thoughts. Well, I laughed and she laughed and I felt much better. I went on to tell her about my adventures raising two kiddos; and the visit we had with Uncle Paul and Second Cousin Katie, memories that we had shared during that visit about Mom's sister Katherine and general news from the family in the Roanoke area. Mom shed some tears, which is difficult for me over the phone and I'm sure difficult for Dad on his end, but I think it's good for Mom to share and express some feelings even if it makes life a little difficult for the rest of us.

Mom went on to play 20 questions with me so I could figure out some last minute items she wants me to pick up to finalize her holiday shopping. We plan to go up with the kids and Uncle Paul on Christmas Eve to spend the day at Mom and Dad's feasting (menu TBD), exchanging gifts, and celebrating another joyous year spent together, loving and supporting each other.

Hope your holidays are peaceful, healthy and filled with joy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day in the Life

In no particular order...Joe got a hold of the camera...his abstract photos are throughout this post...
computer desk

Joe with his train, yes around the homey.

Just when I thought she was thinning out...

self portrait

Mama's leg

Joe squishing play dough, Julie jonesin' for a bite.

I wanted to get a picture of Joe with his shirt today. Note the look on his face when I asked him to show me his if to say, "Come on, Woman, can't you see I'm trying to play dough?"

Joe wanted to take our picture.

Last week I wanted to clean out the ice cube tray. My thought process...I believe we pay for the water that goes down our drain and didn't want to pay to get rid of ice. A pair of gloves, a woolly hat and one deck later, we have a hands-on preschool experience...a little boy's dream.

Julie this A.M. after her strawberry bar. I tried to get a picture of her crying today (something different) and wasn't able to capture it on film.

Last week, Joe did some drawing. He then pointed to it and said "Doggie!" so I labeled it. He then pointed and said "Eyes!" and I labeled that. Later in the evening, Joe was showing his artwork to Mike and said "Doggie! Eyes!" How about that, a two year old retelling his "story". I'm a proud early-childhood-education-Mama!

Joe has recently started building and playing with toys appropriately (rather than throwing, chewing or kicking them). Here he is in action, building a garage for his cars. (When he finished, he promptly kicked it into a block/car-frenzied mess. No worries, he's still Joe.)

I almost deleted this picture from the ice play because Joe had a demented look on his face. I cropped it and like it.
Not much else going on here, except Joe continues to call "MAMA" through the monitor...I have no fear, maybe he will pass out soon...

Friday, December 4, 2009

This N That and Skunks For Christmas

This is a cat in our neighborhood. Note that when her two front paws are touching, it makes a heart. Somehow seeing this cat makes me feel like we are suppose to be living here.

Joe and Julie helped me unpack the kitchen.

I was sitting in this position, talking on the phone. Awhile after I got up, I caught Mr. Monkey-See doing his thing.

Mom made this hat for Rachel. So cute on this cutie patootie!

We live near BWI Airport. Joe never tires of pointing out da planes.

Joe loves to help Daddy keep a fire going. Please no comments on how Joe is going to burn the house down, I'm stressed enough.

Julie enjoys standing around the house.

Julie's first mouthful with her own spoon.

Christmas jammies...eating and happy!

Julie looks good in black and white!

More black and white cute!

Mama and Julie self-portrait...kisses!
Mom heard some scratching-around the other evening and let Dad know about it. The next A.M., Dad discovered what he thought to be three skunks in the window well under their bedroom window. After calling some friends, Dad got in contact with the "Skunk Man" and after a short one day wait (and discovering it was actually only two had a double stripe down it's that the name of a cigarette?), Mom and Dad are skunk free. When I asked Mom if she had asked for a skunk from Santa, she laughed out load and said "No Way!"
Have a great weekend!