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Monday, August 8, 2016

Five...and the S Key Doesn't Work

Joe plays Minecraft on my computer. Apparently he uses the "s" and "w" to do this. At times these keys don't work. Seems as if they are working now, but if halfway through this thing it looks like a cryptic message, I'm going to continue to plow right through, you people will just have to figure it out. Sorry.

Waiting for the bus, St. Patrick's Day circa 2015. Yes, that is the skirt that Teresa made that was featured in the last "Five" post. Luckily it landed in a skirt-appropriate place rather than Julie's head. Note: Zuzu pet did not go to chool. Oh my, the " " key jut ent out, good luck People...looks like "w" did too. Well now they are working again. This will not be addressed again.

 This is a collection of stuff that Julie found on the floor of the bus and wanted to keep. I took a picture to send to cousin Beth after we had been talking about kid treasures. You'd think this stuff was covered in sugar and edible as a treat if you asked Julie about it. Treasures.

 Fooling around, feeling the love.

 This is a picture I took to send to Maxine. She made the kids fleece vests one year and the kids randomly match them up with their outfits. If you look closely you can see that each of Julie's nail are painted a different color...kinda like Mom' a fe eeks ago. Click HERE to read about Mom' manicure at The Manor

My babies can SWING, People, all by themselves. This a picture of them swinging together on their own for the first time. I can not decribe the feeling I had (and till do eeing thi picture), of eeing my kiddo ing on their on...pumping their leg to get higher, leaning back hile ailing forard, taking itting up o eriouly while moving backwards, smiles, laughter, freedom from aking thi mama for jut one more puh. Freedom to be independent, go a high a they ant, no need for parent uperviion. make my heart soar.

Net pot (hat no the " " key too?). Jut forget it, I'm done ith thi epiode.