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Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Little Visitor

Mom's hemoglobin dipped below 8 last week and she received a blood transfusion last Friday, July 21st. She did her usual singing when the transfusion was over and seemed a little more perky.

When I visited the Manor this Wednesday, everyone mentioned how Mom didn't bounce back like she usually does after a transfusion. She has been skipping meals, occasionally not choosing to dress for the day, getting up later. Mom would shun me for telling you all, so don't tell her I told you, the woman is in pain. A tremendous amount of pain. She can put on a good show, but her stamina for keeping up the front is weakening.

Mom's hemoglobin usually gets up to 10 after a transfusion. This time it topped out at 9.1. We are anxious to see what next Wednesday's blood work will bring; if the loosing 1 point a week trend will continue or if her hemoglobin will drop more significantly.

We have recently noticed that if Mom is low on the hemoglobin level, it is difficult to have her come to the house. She is weak and I have a hard time transferring her from chair to toilet to chair to car seat. I get anxious about keeping her safe on my watch. A couple times recently we have chosen to visit at the Manor because in her weaken condition it's just not safe to bring Mom down the mountain.

Since she had just gotten a transfusion, this past Thursday I brought Mom down the mountain for lunch at the house. Crab cakes, spiced shrimp, hot crab dip, yummy baby tomatoes, unripened mango, hot coffee with hazelnut creamer and ice cold water. We all had a great visit. We watched birds, took care of Julie's 3 babies (oh Mom laughed about that), and ate way too much food. Mom spent some time going through a couple drawers and closets, forcing objects upon me, some wanted - some unwanted. Satisfied with her visit, I got Mom back up the mountain in time for a nap before supper.

Dad recently invested in an oil diffusor and some frankincense, an essential oil known to help with pain. Her Dr wrote the orders so Mom can take melatonin before she sleeps to help her painful body rest. Mom doesn't want to up her pain meds, she doesn't want to add to the cocktail, she seems to just want to suffer through. We all know she is an ox and right about now she is showing her true colors. She's gonna meet this pain head on and show it who is boss till shes ready to be done.

I love the staff at the Manor. When I was visiting a couple weeks ago, an off duty care provider came bustling through Mom's door, trying to man handle this over-sized Chihuahua. She laughed and explained to me that she had told Mom that her puppy was getting big and that Mom TOLD HER to bring the puppy in for Mom to see for herself. Dad and I talk like this all the time, "Mom said..." "Your mother said..." as if Mom is actually speaking words rather than communicating through gestures and a game of 20 questions. The Manor staff see Mom just like we do; a strong woman who can bring a smile to your face, make you feel better by holding your hand, and dee by gum you better listen to her when she SPEAKS TO YOU.