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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Post Inspired By Juanita


I think Dad had emailed me about two months ago to say that Juanita was asking for an update on Mom...Dad, so sorry it has taken me this long. Juanita?  This one's for you.

Over the summer Mom's cancer numbers went up and her hemoglobin continued to go down. Mom's oncologist recommended a different chemo, one that she would have to come in for an iv treatment rather than a pill. This onchologist is an expert in Mom's care at this point. He suggested that they administer a half dose of chemo every week rather than a full dose every other week. This half-dose strategy is something Dad has come up with over the years. Mom's body is very sensitive to medications and Dad has found that she tolerates less over a longer peiord of time better than a full blast all at once. Dad is a thinker and problem solver, proof right here.

 So far side effects have been minimal and Mom's hemoglobin has fluctuated some but in her most recent blood work her was hemo at 10.something, the highest we have seen in months. This hemoglobin stuff really affects the lady. To put it simply, when hemo is low she is low, when it's high she's high. When Mom is low it takes her longer to do, well anything. She tends to be more weepy during low hemo times and is quick to get angry. Visiting time needs to be limited during low times as she tires easily and needs more rest. With her hemo being up recently, Mom has been in good spirits, a blessing for her and Dad.

Mom continues her self care, exercise, laughter, quilt planning and old movie watching. Dad knew when football season was starting because there was significantly more yelling coming from Mom in front of the tv. That lady loves to yell at football players (better them than us, right?).

Mom appreciates all the notes, cards, flowers, good wishes and visits. The lady thrives on getting outside of herself and feeling the love from others.

Juanita? I'll try to be better about updates on Mom...and I've got some funny stories from the kids that I plan to share her as well.

I have been working on gratitude recently; keeping my eye on the good, rather than perseverating on the bad. Well hey, if this lady can laugh...


...we should all be able to crack a smile every once and awhile.

Much love to you all
Peggy Anne