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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in Review

Here goes, pretty much in order (I out-smarted Mr Blogger this time!):

Christmas Eve A.M., Joe is ready to go to Mom and Dad's. He is straight out of the hood.
Julie is following in her bro's footsteps.

Depriving wee ones of a breakfast at the table makes for a quiet van ride (for the first 15 minutes, don't think it was a miracle cure).
We decided to have nibblies for our Christmas Eve family meal. This way, we didn't have to cook and Joe could race around and graze off the table, with no expectations of sitting down to a meal. Paul mentioned that it was the first time he had seen Joe sit quietly for such a long period of time.

Mom and Julie shared their nibblie time.

Just look at the pure joy on Paul's face (he's the Godfather ya know).

He certainly loves lovin on that little monkey!

Dad is on the edge of his seat, anticipating the action that will take place as we begin to open gifts. See the look on Joe's face as he approaches the tree. Take cover.

Dad on the edge again, anticipating Joe's ripping of wrapping paper (along with whatever is inside).

Dad is able to relax and breathe a little, Joe is gentle (as he opens Mom's gift, that's okay though, he's two).

This picture warms my heart. The look on Mom's face reminds me of times when I would talk with Mom over the dishes from a lunch we had together at the dining room table. Although now our talks are mostly one-side, it's nice to know that she is still here to listen to me prattle on. This picture also shows how shaggy the back of my hair is, that's a downer.

Joe played and played some more with the toys he received.

I spy a truck in the tree. That's one way to use a digger. Note the life-like kitty curled under the tree (I'm afraid that Joe now thinks that cats are flat on the bottom and like to be thrown around...just a word of caution if you have pets. Next to the kitty is a book Paul got for me Making Children Mind So You Don't Loose Yours. I highly recommend it. I think I received it just in time to recoup some of the damage already inflicted to my brain.

A cowboy came to play.

And a bad-ass Santa showed up on his tractor. Don't mess around with this ole St. Nick.

Paul has revived Mom's tradition of making baked Alaska for Christmas dessert. He has changed a few things to make the concoction egg-less for Dad and I must say his version is delectable.
Dad asked Paul: Are you broiling those?
Paul (matter-of-factness in his voice): Sure Dad. That's why they call it BAKED Alaska.
Dad kind-of shrugged his shoulders in his "well-that-didn't-answer-my-question-but-I'm-not-going-to-pursue-it-anymore-cause-I-think-I-may-have-pissed-Paul-off" way. (I'm not sure if Dad would really say pissed off, but I have heard him use the s.h-word while upstairs watching a race muted on the T.V....I think he has it in him.)
About 5 minutes later
Dad (giggling): Oh ho! I just got it! Ha ha! It's called BAKED Alaska, why would you broil it?
Paul (shaking his head): Jeez Dad.
This is why I love my family.
Always bake this dessert on pine boards, that's what Mom always said. Can you smell the warm pine boards coming out of the oven? THAT is Christmas.

I tried to get artistic here, Mom's hand raising her beloved dessert to her mouth with a perfectly formed Alaskan mound in the background. Then I am brought back to reality by Dad's orange ball cap he wears everywhere (that way people remember me), Dad's carefully organized tax stuff stuffin everywhere and the batteries and razor blades that Joe enjoys playing with behind Dad's chair. It's good to be home for the holidays.

Joe and Julie enjoyed their treat as well. Thanks Paul!

Mama and the monkeys Christmas morning (the date on the camera is wrong, so be it.) Just another day in paradise!
Hope your holiday was blessed and somewhat peaceful!

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  1. I love your Mom's hair! It looks really good short! Your family is always fun of laughs...I think I hear a weekend at your parents house calling our names!!
    I love you so much and I LOVE your little Joseph!! He just cracks me up! Get ready he's going to be full of life all the way through.
    I'm so happy you are in the pictures too. Give your BIG MANLY MAN a hug for that one!

    I'm heading to bed...I just wanted to tell you I L...O...V...E YOU!! You are awesome in everyway! You are my sould sister!
    I can't live life without you!!!
    Sorry getting a little mushy here...