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Friday, September 30, 2016

10 Year Crapiversary

10 Years ago today, 9/30/2006 at 9:30 a.m. as Dad likes to remind me, Mom had a massive stroke.  CLICK HERE to read a blog I started 6 years ago about The stroke. I didn't get many people reading it so I stopped writing, but the beginning of our journey can be followed if you click up there on CLICK HERE.

We don't talk to Mom about today, why remind her of a crapiversary if we can only wish she has pleasantly forgotten the date? Dad and I speak most everyday and always on this date. One of us usually mentions something like "It's 9/30 today" and the other one replies "It's amazing how far she has come" and Dad always feels compelled to say "I'm not going to say anything to her about it" and I agree "Me neither" . Then we proceed to talk about other stuff.

It's been awhile since an update about Mom, and she has been doing so well recently, so let's take this 10 year crapiversary to tell that Stroke to stick it cause Mom ain't backing down yet.

You know Mom fell and fractured her pelvis a few months ago, CLICK HERE to refresh yourself on that one. Well. Mom has a way of turning lemons into lemonade, people, it could be her fulltime job.

Since Mom had fractured her pelvis, the Dr. ordered physical and occupational therapy. Well. The therapy is still happening People, three and a half months later. Dad said today that Mom is walking more and more for the therapist. They have her using a brace to loosen up her curled up knarly hand. Dad and I both agree that Mom has obviously surpassed the level she was at pre-fall but those therapists just keep coming back for more. We both agree that it is probably Mom's perseverance, her sunny attitude, her stubborn you-tell-me-to-do-five-reps-and-I'll-do-ten oxness that keeps those therapists coming back. And Mom's gonna milk this therapy for all it's worth, she is amazing.

Recently I called The Manor and during our conversation the care provider told me Mom had been gone all day. I was taken aback. Dad hadn't mentioned any appointments for Mom that day. "Where did she go?" I asked while trying not to sound alarmed. Laughter and then "Oh, she went on the field trip to the tea room. They said she laughed and giggled the whole time. We just love your Mom". I quick called Dad. He also didn't know Mom was going on the field trip to the tea room. When I asked Mom about it during our call the next morning, there was silence. Then she erupted into laughter. I'm not sure if she found it humorous the way I found out or if she was reflecting upon what a good time she had had. Either way, that lady still knows how to throw down when it comes to having good time. Dad and I now have to wonder what she is doing up there on that mountain when we aren't looking cause goodness knows she's not going to fess up to anything on her own.

So. 10 years ago today Mom had a stroke and she is still pushing through. What, has it been 4 years since she got the cancer survival prognosis of 2-3 years? Cripes. As Prince put it so well, she can still party like it's 1999. Prepare yourselves for Mom to outlast us all.

Goodness knows at 81 she presents herself better than I do.