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Monday, January 4, 2010


Okay, it's late (9:15 P.M.) and I just want to get these pics out and I had a story all arranged to go in order with the pics from top to bottom and my best friend Blogger has decided to arrange the pics in reverse order so I give up, I'll write my captions as the pics come and you sort it out. Someday I'll figure out how to move pics in a post...

Here goes...

One may think that
I'm Super-Early-Childhood-Education-Mama
for bringing in some snow from the huge snow storm for Joe to play. Nah. Mike was still in bed and there was no way I was taking this kid out by myself. Tame the beast is my philosophy.

Muppet Hands

Good Golly Miss Molly that is a heck of a-lotta snow (See our red van up the sidewalk from Joe?). Joe is ready for action.

Mike and I braved it and got both the kids out. Luckily, Julie just sat around in the snow, we only had one to chase.

Mama catching flakes with the boy. (Note the snow is up to his wee crotch...goodness that's enough snow to give someone (Mama) a panic attack.)

Mama and the girl.

"No don't eat tha....shoot, who cares?"

Julie got herself into the Lego table, Joe is checking out how she did it.

Went to Mom and Dad's to assist with Mom's wrapping (ie: do the wrapping while she played around). Dad tried to come in to see the presents and Mom shooed him out. She rolled over to the pocket door of the living room and swiftly rolled it shut...then we laughed at the french-ness of said door. A few minutes later, along came Dad...he ain't no dummy.

Mom wrapping presents.

Mom taking a break from wrapping presents.

Joe was so excited to see Mom and Dad's house all decorated for Christmas. He swiftly went from tree to snowman to only fiber-optic wonderment to check it all out. Then he went and found Mom, literally dragged her from the kitchen, and proceeded to give her a tour of her own home. He gestured towards each item saying"Tree" "Nowman" (working on s sound) "Tree" "Cat" "Cat" "Cat"
Mom lovin' on her granddaughter.
What joy.
Actually this was a nice way to end, I think. More about the actual holiday some other time...It's 9:30 P.M. and as Mike would say "These dogs are barkin' ".

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  1. I am going to make a hair band with a HUGE flower on it just for Julie! I can't believe how much Joseph and Julie look alike right now. Good thinking on bringing in the snow. You are a great Mom and I wish to be more like you everyday! I LOVE you so much and I am so proud to call you my bestfriend!
    oh by the way RED is your color