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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last Tuesday I had laser eye surgery to correct my vision.

My corneas are still healing.

I have been walking around with vision of someone not wearing their glasses even though said person desperately should be wearing glasses.

The following post was written and posted by a legally blind person.

Read at your own risk.


is a true super hero in this house.

For the past week or so, Joe has been gettin gup in the middle of the night to let us know he is scared.  Mike would then go to Joe's room and lie down with him until he fell back asleep.  Friday night was three episodes of this new routine and we had had enough.  Satrurday moring, we decided to go in search of a super hero to help Joe feel safe at night. 

The shopping trip turned into a magical adventure, led by a Higher Power I'm sure.  My idea was a huggable Spiderman stuffiie that I had seen while out and about,  No such luck, now Woody, Buzz and Hello Kitty were on the shelves.  We settled for a Spiderman comforter to snuggle under and a long body pillow to snuggle against. 

We were then led to another store so I could purchase more wooden blocks.  As I wandered the isles for a super-sized Spidie-stuffie, I came across a 12 inch plastic "Wisecracking Spiderman".  It reminded me of action figures that my brothers had growing up...that Spiderman was ours.  He came with web-slinging accessories that I quickly hid cause this was a snuggling-sleeping toy, not an action-web-slinging toy.  Joe promptly examined his new buddy, noticed a hole and button on his positioned arm and asked  "Mommy, where is the SHOOTER?"  I gave some lame excuse that seemed to satisfy the boy.  Then he asked for the "map" ie: instructions, and expertly pointed out that the pictures show shooters, "Where are the shooters, Mommy?"  I was had...Mike and I gave each other the how-can-you-deny-that shrug and the boy won his shooters.

But I digress.

The smurfy-blue body pillow wasn't doing anything for me and I remembered a piece of Spiderman fleece that my dear friend Teresa (Hey Tersea Hey!) had given me about a year ago.  I dug out the fabric, pinned and sewed and within 5 minutes had a cover for the body pillow that was a perfect fit.  The pillow, longer than Joe, now is covered in a soft fleece with the likeness of an almost larger than life Spiderman .

The boy, accompanied by the wisecracking action figure and fleecy body pillow, snuggled under his Spiderman comforter, slept through the night.

Spiderman, this one goes out to you, thanks for making the boy feel safe.

Higher Power, thanks for a magical day of doing the next right thing.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Paul!

He's one of the best when it comes to being an uncle...

We love you Uncle Paul!