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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mom's Bday and ER trip

We celebrated Mom's 75th birthday at Mom and Dad's. Lots of smiles and laughter...a blessing.

Looking pretty young and spry for her age.

Cake made by Joanne, a German Baptist friend who keeps Mom and Dad going with her weekly cooking (and freezing ) of meals on Wednesdays...yum, yum, super yum.

Mom makes a wish, takes the candle off the cake, and blows. (foreshadowing)

Good friends.

Slinky-time with Uncle Paul (he was at the bottom of the stairs, pitching it back up for more fun). Note that RJ is showing JG where to slink the slinky...JG is just dropping it down and hoping for the best.

JB playing with the Birthday Girl.

The grand kids, Mom's delight.
You may be wondering what this nonsense is about an ER trip...the day of Mom's birthday celebration, she was not feeling well and began vomiting sometime during the day. As she continued to vomit whenever she ingested anything, Julie and I headed back up Sunday evening to check things out. I encouraged Mom to eat a little toast, drink a little H2O and she promptly threw it up. For Mom to request to go to the ER, you know she must have been feeling cruddy. I won't go on with details after details, but Mom followed up her ER trip with her primary care doctor who let her know that she didn't have the urinary track infection nor the pneumonia for which the ER had diagnosed and treated her. Looks like she had a bug, which held on for a few days and then took a couple more days from which to recover (as well as the lung xray may have been taken incorrectly and it took the urinary culture three days to cultivate to confirm no UTI). Dad took very good care of Mom; giving her Dramamine to help with the nausea so she could take and keep down her blood pressure meds ( a trick dad did with Paul when he was taking meds for Leukemia, a trick that the docs at Children's say is standard procedure today for kids on nauseating meds. That Dad, he's a thinker.)
Anywho, lesson learned, always take your birthday candles off the cake before blowing them out so as not to make your guests ill. Mom, always looking out for everyone else.

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  1. Your Mom is one sharp cookie! I can't say I would of thought to take the candle out before blowing!
    What an awesome picture of all the grandchildren! Having you all together was a nice treat for your Mom.
    I love your Blog keep it up because you are doing an awesome job!