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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Watering Worms

When one can't convince a young lady that we need to walk to the end of the driveway to get her brother off the bus, one must be creative.

It was time to give the worms some water cause that is an important job in this household.

If you are wondering "How does one water worms?", we have a little girl here to demonstrate...and so we begin with:
1. a BIIIG slurp of water

2. swish it around in your mouth, get it nice and...well, whatever

3. start to dribble a little water out, test out your force, get a feel for your own watering power

4. give it a good blow, don't be shy, we are talking about watering WORMS here people

5. be sure to never move your feet from ballet first position please

6. take pride in your work, revel in your accomplishment

I can hear the worms applauding in their worm-like-celebratory-way.  Way to go, Little One.  This may make up for all the times you have swung worms around and around until they are stretched out to three-times their normal length. Or the times you piled worms in the baby stroller and wheeled them around the yard (at least you have learned to add some soil so they don't get "too sleepy to wiggle, Mommy!").  Or the times when you have left them floating in a pail of water (lesson learned: worms don't like to swim, but they do like a watering every once and awhile).

This one is dedicated to all the worms in the world...without you all, our soil would be as hard as rocks and Little One would be pretty sad (and bored) on a sunny, warm day.

vintage fleece Strawberry Shortcake dress by Peggy Brooks Loyd for Rachel Jean Loyd circa 2004
fleece tye dye poncho by Maxine Loyd for Julie B. circa Christmas 2011
golden shoes from some thrift store

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