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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


When taking pictures for Mother's Day cards, it is difficult for This Mama to get a good shot.  What a blessing digital technology is. 

I can remember posing with Patrick and Paul for Christmas Card pictures back in the day...shot after shot after shot...countless rolls of film.  The film would then be sent away to be developed.  Low and behold, three weeks later, we would return to the photo hut in the grocery store parking to lug home one hundred and some-odd pictures, all looking faintly similar but in THIS one so-and-so is looking down or in THIS one so-and-so is being too goofy or in THIS one so-and-so is picking her eye.  Mom and Dad would scour through the mountainous stack of pics and finally find one that maaay be okay, then order multiple (ten trillion) copies.  Using red construction paper decorated with a dove of peace (cut out of leftover green fabric from a summer robe Mom made) to create the card, Mom would use rubber cement to affix one of the tra-zillion pictures to create a home-grown Christmas card to send to friends and family.

I know the actual number of rolls of Christmas card picture outtakes and the number of extra multiple copies of the chosen one because there is still a box hanging out somewhere up there in Chambersburg chock full of these treasures previously listed that simply CAN'T be thrown away, but I digress.

Looking at the outtakes from this Mama's photo shoot for Mother's Day cards brings me back to those days...except these monkeys seem a lot happier than I remember being during picture-taking-time...maybe cause I wasn't so stressed cause I could look down at the little screen on my camera and say hey or nay and be done with, a blessing for This Mama...and the monkeys.

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