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Sunday, May 20, 2012

This One Goes Out To Mary

Mary and I are dear friends, connected spiritually, we talk every Wednesday morning.  We lob life-strife's back and forth, a fight against time because who knows when my darling monkeys will break out in Kick-My-Sibling's-Bottom 2012.  In the recent past, Mary and I have had much in which to converse; seriously, serious stuff on both sides.  How refreshing, then, that two weeks ago after our usual greeting, I said "I got nothin', you?"  Laughter, "Me neither," was Mary's reply.  So I dove right into my peril of the dry sink.

 Mom and Dad bought this dry sink back in the day.  I remember it in Mom and Dad's family room in Woodbine, big slab of hardwood across the top with a big T.V. perched on top.  Sometime before they moved to Chambersburg, Mom and Dad purchased another cabinet on which to place the T.V., so the dry sink got shuffled to someplace else in the house.  At some point I was bequeathed this piece...I loved it...except for the ORANGE BURLAP fabric that covered the openings in the doors.  I ripped out the fabric and boom.  The dry sink looked the same way for I don't know how long.

Finally getting off my duff, I covered cardboard with this subtle fabric,

used shipping tape to affix the cardboard to the doors,

and called it done.

We have used it as a sideboard, changing table, and toy cupboard.  The kids have banged, slammed and climbed it.  (Last time Dad saw it he replied "I don't remember it looking THAT primitive."  Yikes.)

Fast forward to a Wednesday-morning-Mary-conversation two weeks ago...I described the piece to her and asked her what she thought I should use to cover the openings.  We bounced some ideas back and forth, finally deciding on a natural, subtle fabric with some texture to it.  For two weeks I have been reluctant to go to JoAnn Fabrics...just cause.  Last week I had the ah-ha moment...thrift store.  The first one I went to, I found a pair of Montgomery Wards insulated curtains in 1970's light brown.  $4.00, thank you.

It was a perfect fabric choice.  This morning while the kids were running around, I quick cut the panel, hot glued it to the cardboard (couldn't wait for particle board to be bought and cut, sorry Mary) and placed it in the opening.


Okay, these pics are for junk and this After pic actually looks like the Before pic...but in true life it's glorious, 



Thank you, Mary, for your insight, talent, truthfulness, Wednesday mornings, tolerance, encouragement, faith and laughter.

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