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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Celebrating Paul

Flashback to last Saturday and get ready to join us for a picture montage of Paul's birthday celebration at Mom and Dad's...

Lori brought her laptop to show Mom the Disney World pictures from Lori, Zach and Cole's trip this past summer. Lori has been a friend of our family's for years, well before Mom had the stroke. Lori is always at ease with Mom, talking with her as if no time has past since they last saw each other, and she always seems to bring a smile to Mom's face...but I digress.

Julie dressed to the nines.

Paul loved the sudoku cake that Joanne made.

It took me a few minutes to figure out that I would need more that one square of the puzzle to effectively solve the sudoku-ness but I digress.

Joanne is a dear friend who cooks, serves and freezes meals for Mom and Dad each you know when to visit to get some yummy home-cooked meals!

Zach came too, but Paul didn't know yet!

Mom was surprised (and very pleased) by the unexpected visitors as well!

Dad was surprised too! No wonder we needed 4 large pizzas!

Paul was so happy to see Cole, Zach and Lori for his birthday...

and pleasantly surprised.

We sang happy birthday (to Joe's delight) and Paul blew out the candles.

Paul is great about bring joy to so many people, it's nice to be able to bring him some joy!

Happy Birthday Paul!!!!

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