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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Manor Manicures

Every Thursday is hair salon and manicure day at the Manor. It's fun to see the ladies all dolled up for lunch, the way their eyes get bright when you say "Boy your hair looks nice today Margaret!"

Mom hasn't partook(?) partaken(?) (Kellee, help  sister out here) in a hair cut yet. She has been keeping her hair a short, straight chin length for the past few years. But let it be known, hair dos at the Manor are $5 ahead to make sure they can fit you in. (Kellee, I feel like I can put a but at the beginning of that sentence but I'm not sure the rule. See how I didn't end that sentence with is? Well, whoopsie.)

After two weeks of no-not-for-me, really-I'm-fine, nope-I'll-pass Mom finally caved and got a manicure...
Thursday, May 19, 2016

When I walked into Mom's apartment, she laughed and giggled to see me, then she promptly put her hand out towards me. I took it, shook it, and used it to pull her into a hug. She pushed me away and put her hand out again, twinkling her fingers.

PA: Oh my word! You finally caved and got a manicure!
Mom: Yes! (twinkle twinkle twinkle)
PA: (trying to make a joke) Did you pay half price? (her right hand is curled up from the stroke...and the manicures are free)
Mom: (harumphing...twinkle twinkle twinkle)
PA: Oh my word! Each finger is a different color! 
Mom: (smiling laughing) YES! (she pats me as if she's forgiving me for being dense) 

Onward to lunch.

 Faith (personal care provider) approached Mom and says, "Let me see your nails, I heard they are something special today". Mom twinkles at her. "Oh they are beautiful and just your style!" The manicurist (personal care provider, I haven't committed her name to memory yet) comes by to admire Mom's nails. She tells me that, with no prompting from Mom, she decided to paint each one of Mom's nails a different color because Mom always wears mismatched socks.

People? This Manor place is a Magical place. These angels who are taking care of Mom are truly gifts. Painting Mom's nails different colors? The Manor just scored 1,298,456 points in my book (but who's keeping track).

And Kellee. This end-mark inside the parenthesis, outside the mind goes back  to English class at Glenwood Middle School. The room was kinda dim, there was a definite old-book-paper smell. is am are was were be being been do does did I memorized all that stuff but for the life of me I can't remember the parenthesis rule. I think it bothers me because of my grandma Loyd and Bat...those ladies knew what was right and wrong, I tell you.

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