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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Be proud of who you are

We were getting ready to walk to the playground today (gorgeous 70 degree weather!) and Joe decided to wear a hat. How cute is that, right? (Halloween-costume-hat worn backwards...thanks Michele!) Well, real cute until we arrive a the playground only to receive stares from other parents as if to say "Who let you out of the house like that?" I almost encouraged Joe to take it off, then stopped myself. Shouldn't I be teaching my son to feel confident about the choices he makes, regardless of how others may judge him? As long as he is not hurting himself or others (physically, spiritually, socially) Joe should be able to don any hat he chooses and wear it with pride. I finally got a smile out of one mom, I smiled back, shrugging my shoulders and said "Just expressing some Independence" and she replied "Hey, I love your hat!" Props to that Mama at the playground who embraces thinking outside of the sandbox.
On the way home, Joe decide to walk his lawnmower (keeps him focused on the walking part of going for a walk) through a large, 1 inch puddle. How cute, right? And I'm such a great Mama, not yelling or anything, allowing my son to experience life, get a little wet. All fun and games until he decided to take a belly flop dive (I am not joking) face down into the puddle. Joe received many laughs, a couple of gasps and a comment from one couple..."Gosh, our daughter won't even put her feet down if the ground is dirty," as they showed us how she scrunches her legs like a frog to ensure her crisp pink shoes didn't touch the pavement. Joe actually understood that diving into the puddle meant we had to go home instead of see the ducks because little boys who are wet from head to toe have to head straight home. He didn't care and proudly pushed his mower home, squishing his shoes the whole way.

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  1. Oh my GOSH!!! That is too FUNNNNNYYYY!!!! I am so proud of you for letting your little man wear his hat. I would be all over letting him jump in the puddle! GO Joseph!!! Mason would love to make you all a mud pie...YUM!

    Lucy Lover