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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why Not, It's Wednesday?

Life just keeps happening at full speed around here. Anyway, here's Five on Friday pics on Wednesday...

 Myron and Maxine love to get the kiddos little goodies throughout the year. If we don't see them for a holiday, Maxine is for sure going to drop something in the mail to brighten their day. Such as Valentine's day 2015...this is what Joseph chose to do when I said "Let's take a picture to send to MaMa and PaPa to let them know how much you love their present". I love how the white stitching on Darth Vader's mask resembles the gappy-toothed mouth of Joe.

 This is at the Mt. Airy fireman's carnival circa summer 2015. The Super Shot is one of those "rides" that gently carries you straight up then plunges you down suddenly, as if a major cable broke in an epic carnival ride malfunction, then suddenly slows down to place you gently back on the platform. This pic was taken on the way up...Julie, the second child at 6 years old here, smiles excitedly at the thrill of what is to come...Joe, the first child who, at 7 years old here, is apprehensive. Kind of like the bravery Julie had around that time when Joe was too scared to go in the basement by himself and Julie took his hand saying "Come on Joe, I'll make it okay for you."

This was posted in a hospital last summer. Love the thought of this.

A dear friend of mine shares the same demons I do. As an act of cleansing, she wrote these words in the sand and watched as the waves steadily washed the demons away. She took a picture at each point in the process and texted them to me. Very powerful stuff, People.

These two crazy kids? When she texted this picture of them? My heart swelled with joy, I was rendered speechless at the joy radiating through the cell lines...or air waves...okay whatever don't loose the moment here, take my word for it these cool cats are a great couple.

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