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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cinco de Mayo Manor Style

I visited Mom at the Manor today...note it was TODAY.

Little did I know that the Manor was celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
On May19th.
14 days AFTER the 5th of May.

This Manor place? They roll like Loyd's like to roll. As Dad said after I reported on the day "Any excuse for a party...even if its late".  

The Manor dining room was very festive. Each table had sombreros made from a small paper plate and cup, pompoms glued around the edge with mini chocolate bars scattered around the rim. Mexican music softly played from a corner. Personal care providers were laughing and dancing with residents. The activity lady wore a sombrero as she wheeled  around a lunch cart, passing out pieces of delicious homemade tres leche cake. In a baggie at each place setting there was a rendition of a sombrero made from a round cookie with a gumdrop in the center. Attached to the baggie was a paper cutout of a red sombrero. This last detail is important...


I have a gazillion stories about Mary B. but for now I'll just tell you this one.

Yes. That is the paper cutout of the red sombrero that was attached to Mary B.'s baggie.
Yes. That is masking tape keeping the paper cutout red sombrero attached to Mary B's head.
Yes. Mary B., in all seriousness, ate her taco salad wearing her paper cutout red sombrero.
Yes. Mom loves - super loves - Mary B. And Mary B. super loves Mom.

More later on Mary B.  I just might need to start a separate blog for her, otherwise in a few months you all will believe that Mary B. is the actual person I go to see at the Manor.

Mom is adjusting well to living at the Manor. I'll blog about Mother's Day at some point, but I just had to skip ahead to today.  I didn't want you all to miss out on Cinco de Mayo Manor style.

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