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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Yesterday Was A


There was much joy to be had at our household yesterday.
Luckily Santa had brought some actual sleds this year so the minions didn't have to use aluminum roasting pans or old cardboard boxes (true story). 

Some other joy was Mike, after long hours of research, bidding, delivering and attaching, being able to use his tricked out John Deere.  
 After plowing five rural driveways, Mike settled into his barkalounger with some hot cocoa and was amazed at the time...only one hour had passed since he had gone out to plow.  Used to take him an hour just to do our drive with the front end loader.
Of course Julie had to stop him on his way back up the drive to let him know Joe was doing something he wasn't suppose to...story of our lives.

Nice rig, huh?

While out for their third time yesterday, Julie honed her skills in belly sledding...
1. Get that sled steady.

2. Caaaaarefully position yourself over the center of the sled.

3. Plop down and let 'er rip.
I must say I've never really leaned one way or another about whether I like cold or hot weather...I just kind of go with the flow cause there is not much I can do about it.  Don't get me wrong, I complain, but in my mind I haven't really leaned one way or the other...except this morning...when the wind chill was 9 degrees F...good googamooga this Mama like warm sunny days.  You know it's bad when 2 lil minions are whining to go out sledding until they crack open the front door to say "Let's just watch a movie instead." It's bad, people, BAD.
Stayed tuned for the next post: Mom Will Turn 80!

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