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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mom Turns 80, Yup You Heard it Right

Mom was born January 13, 1935...80 years ago today.  At some point I'd like to blog about Mom's life but tonight, just a small tribute.
Mike, the kids and I celebrated with Mom and Dad last Saturday.  We had a seafood feast...including a crab cake decked out with a candle.
It was a relaxing day filled with good food and some lovin'.

Today, Mom and Dad's house was filled with the smells of good food and the laughter of a gaggle of German Baptist women who have become dear friends with Mom over the past 8 years. Those ladies, who cook, grocery shop, share recipes and home canned goods, clean, facilitate physical therapy, pay bills, sew, pick Mom up off the floor, get birds out of the house, do stand up comedy, and truly love Mom and Dad, are a true blessing to our family.

I called Mom today mid morning to wish her a Happy Birthday.  She got on the phone, I sang to her (as she did every year to me after I had moved away from I call her on my birthday and get her started on the song and she belts it out on her own) and her response was this...

Dead silence. No typical giggle or gut wrenching laughter or "I know!". Nothing.

I said, "Mom are you mad that I reminded you that it's your birthday?" (She has never cared for the day)

She replied with a short, snarky "yes".

I said, "Whoopsie Mom, I emailed over 50 people to remind them that today is your 80th birthday...better prepare yourself for a day of disappointment."

This got the gut wrenching laughter and an "Oh My!"

Today, thanks to a lot of you, Mom celebrated her 80th birthday with phone calls, pictures, gifts, flowers, cards, laughter, and fond memories of friends and family from over the years. Thank you for reaching out and lovin' my mama on her special day (even if she hated it :)

And hey, no worries if you haven't gotten round to sending your love yet, it's better to spread out her birthday disappointment anyway.

STAY TUNED: Update on Mom's health coming soon

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  1. I'd like to officially declare that the entirety of January be Happy Birthday Peggy Month! ;-) L.A.