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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Garden

It's just a backyard thing, nothing fancy.  Just big enough to fill the fenced-in space where a pot-bellied pig used to live.  I came up with the list of yummies to grow while thinking of what fruits and veggies we mostly eat.  A row of each and there you have it, a tidy little garden that produced enough strawberries this year to feed myself and two wee ones as we stood in the garden admiring their redness...all three berries (at least we didn't have to share).  Dad promises there should be more next year.

This little plot of land has brought me much pleasure over the past couple of months.  I planted seeds and seedlings with a devil-may-care worries if a small foot trampled on it, no concerns over whether or not I thinned out the carrots enough...whatever produces out of the ground would make me happy.  I have learned the art of weeding when the soil is loosened after a good rain (or drowning from eager waterers with a hose).  I have learned to lay straw between the rows; it keeps the weeds down but it also makes boundaries for the little busy feet that like to run around the garden. There is a now-familiar sound echoing through the neighborhood; walk on the straw, walk on the straw, walk on the straw!!!!!!!  Ah, does it really matter anyway?

Just a coupla pics of the boy enjoying the garden...


 I always have a lot of help in the garden, for which I am truly grateful.

This boy, I love.


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