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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mom Called Me This A.M.

At 8:34 this morning Mom called me. Usually when she calls this early, it means she needs me to figure out what thought is trapped in her head by playing a game of 20 questions (read: 1,000 questions) that lasts an hour (read: however long we can stand it).

Today was a trying game of "guess-what-my-thoughts-are-by-asking-me-questions-and-I'll-reply-yes-or-no-with-different-inflections-in-my-voice". I was close to tears three times.

The first tear session was after awhile when Mom had desperation in her voice, becoming frustrated because I was way off track. In the background, Julie was screaming bloody-you-took-my-toy and Joe was screaming nanny-nanny back. I went downstairs to hide in the laundry room.

After more questions, more frustration and a cry of exasperation from Mom, the kids found me huddled in the laundry room and continues their scream-fest 2010. Enter into tear-session #2. After a deep breath, I loured the screaming meanies into the family room with some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and locked myself into the extra bedroom.

After regrouping with repeating what I had figured out so far, Mom wanted me to call someone, someone who was not in her address book, someone whose phone number I could not look up and she wanted me to call today, I remembered that during our last visit she had asked me to order her a ring from a catalog. I finally figured out how to size her finger and had planned to measure her the next time we were up. I asked "Is this about your ring?" "YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" was the woman's exclamation. Tear-session #3 commenced along with lots of laughter. As the laughing quieted, I could see little lips beneath the locked door and a little voice saying "Mama? My come in now?" That made Mom laugh even more.

It's amazing how connected Mom and I can be. It may take us 25 minutes to get there, but we don't give up on each other. I encourage her, she encourages me and usually we can figure out what is trapped in her brain. I don't wish this situation upon anyone...ANYONE...but what a blessing I can pick up the phone and hear Mom's voice on the other end of the line with her sweet"LO?"

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  1. Sweet story; remember back & see how far both of you have come. It is a miracle!

    Love you & yours,