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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This Woman

called and left me a message today that sounded something like this,

"One-da-what, I. want. to., one-da-what, bybybybybybybybyb...(insert laughter), BYE!"

When I called back, this guy

said, "You returning her call?" "Yes, you know what is going on?" was my reply. Dad said "No, good luck!"

Dad handed Mom the phone and she went on a tirade of Mother-with-a-stroke-that-affected-her-speech talk. I won't bore you with the details.

After figuring out that Mom wants me to do something at her house while the kids and I visit tomorrow, I tried to leave the conversation with, "Mom, we can figure it out tomorrow while I am there." I can hear Mom's voice getting further away from the phone as she is muttering to herself. I am yelling "Mom? Mom!" while I hear her grunting and muttering. Finally she is back on the phone and almost instantly Dad says in his best reporter voice "She's in the freezer."

"Mom, do you want me to take home the chili soup that is in the freezer?"


"Geez, Mom, I know I forgot it last time, but did you have to call me and harass me about it?"

Laughter from Mom, Dad replies "She's been going around about this for a week" and we are able to say our goodbyes and see-you-tomorrows and end the phone call.

I guess if Mom has the time to be worried about me forgetting frozen chili soup, things must be going pretty well for her. What a blessing that Mom can still call and harass me every once and awhile.

Mom, Dad and Paul are heading to Mom and Dad's lake house for Father's Day weekend. Reminds me of when Dad would go fishing with the men-folk of his family and friends on Father's Day weekend , leaving Mom, Patirck, Paul and I home where Mom would take us out to eat for every meal while Dad was gone. No wonder McDonald's brings me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside....ohh childhood and french fries.

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