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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

This is what happened at 9:10 this morning. Julie was walking and fell on a toy she was carrying. Just a little blood, a little crying, a little swelling and a check out for our dear RN neighbor, Paula.

All is well, just a little puffy first black eye. What a toughie.

By 9:45 a.m. we were in the van and on our way to Joe's first day of a 6 week tot camp. This is Joe after pick-up.

Joe's report:
MAMA: Joe, what did you do at school?
JOE: snack
M: What did you eat for snack?
J: mmmmmm...tretzels
M: Yum! Did you meet new friends?
J: (with excitement in stating-a-list-type-of-way) Mason (our neighbor friend)...Will...Relann...teacher
M: What fun! Did you read a book about dinosaurs?
J: u-hun
M: Did you sit when the teacher read the book?
J: No. Run.
M: Joe, you ran when the teacher read the book?
J: (big smile) yyeeeeeesssssss. Potty now!

Then he peed his pants. Will work on using the potty before leaving school.

All is well, I can't do anything about Joe running during story time and bless be the Lord I don't have worry about that, someone else is getting paid the big-bucks to deal with that one. One thing I do know: THIS MAMA LOVES SCHOOL.

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  1. Poor little Julie Girl! I'm so exctied for Joseph!!! He will love school and so will Mama!!! You are a good Mama!!

    Also no I have never posted that layout before: Loving's been sitting on my desk in my art room.

    I love you whoopie

    Lucy xoxo