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Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Guy Called Jamie Cullum

I'm visiting Don this weekend and he happened to have tickets to see this guy Jamie Cullum...

some singer-songwriter dude from Britain. I thought it would be at a coffee shoppe or some church wasn't but I digress.

I was terribly late getting to Don's cause I took 76 east instead of the PA turnpike so we decided to meet at Home Depot to get us to the concert faster but I had to go to the bathroom so I ran in and when I came out Don was pulling up in his vehicle...perfect.

I ate homemade tuna with some crackers as Don drove with a mission to get us to the show on time. Low and behold, we didn't have tickets to a church basement, but to the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA...nice place. This was the opening act...

Imelda May, from Dublin. She was spunky and a lot of was actually a good thing we rushed to see the opening act.

Okay, Jamie Cullum is a funky, jazzy, hip, talented-beyond-his-years artist. He plays the piano and sings and is a fantastic entertainer. All his shows are usually sold out within the first coupla hours of tickets going on sale, so seeing this dude is a treat. (Special thanks to Don for being persistent in getting tickets, even though you didn't know who would be going with you and that special hottie-mama happened to be me...what a blessing!)

Here is asked everyone to take a picture of him at the same time so we could email it to him cause he wants to a make picture montage...Don downloaded the pic and sent it this A.M.

This is the whole band...a dreamy act to watch and by which to be entertained.
What I have learned from this trip to Don's this weekend:
  • Don't think that I know everything (of COURSE 76 is the PA turnpike even though it's not labeled on the signs, of COURSE the bathroom in Home Depot is in the back).
  • Don't assume that since I haven't heard of a performer, it means that they only perform in coffee houses or church basements.
  • Figure out how to use this blasted new camera, cause even the woman sitting behind me at the concert couldn't assist me in taking a great picture and I missed some fabby-doo shots.
  • Don's Goodwill store is a dream come true for me...I found shirts to cover my two-baby-belly as well as pants to fit my wide load...sweet relief.

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  1. Jamie Cullen was just on the CBS Saturday Morning show yesterday; he was amazing! Glad you enjoyed your weekend away from home & kid free!
    Love ya'll!