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Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Is What I Now Know

I wasn't planning on posting tonight, but while fiddling with this new laptop, I discovered that with one simple click I can take a video or picture of whatever is in front of the computer at the time of said click.

Yes, my friends, this was truly my reaction of seeing myself on the computer screen. What is even better? I continued to click the camera button because I didn't realize the smarty-pants computer was automatically saving these blessed pictures for me. I now have 12 copies of this picture. There may be slight variations, but at a glace, they all look identical. It seems I was amazed by this technology for a long while (as documented by the 12 picks).

Those are just a sample of the pics, and yes, they are each a different photo which was taken.
So, this is what I know...
1. This computer kicks rump.

2. I am one step further out of my technology cave (Did you know I'm a texter now? That was my first step out of the cave. I text people. As I told Karla this A.M., my phone has a typewriter on it. So savvy, I am.)

3. I MUST look at myself more often. Come on, look at those shabby bangs, the perpetually crooked glasses, my pale-pasty complexion...I'm certainly not living up to my hot-mama status for which I'm striving...if you could see further below to what I now call my "two baby belly", you may agree that I am winning the big-mama competition, stay tuned for my gold medal status.

4. Even though I have found this picture to be shocking, I still like myself and who I am. That's nice...but tomorrow I'm buying makings for salad and some fat-free yogurt, summer's comin' ya know.

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